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Beautifully simple. 100% flexible.

Goodbye, bank queues. Hello, mobile banking. Trinity Financials offers a seamless way to manage your money—access your bank account from your smartphone or via the WebApp on your desktop, anytime and anywhere. No paperwork, no physical contact, no hassle.

Get started with Trinity Financials

Zero monthly maintenance fees

Zero overdraft or NSF fees

International banking

All the stuff you want.

Whichever online bank account you choose, we keep the terms simple, the rewards high and the service stellar.

1% cash back

on up to $3,000 in debit card purchases each month

1.10% APY

watch your money grow

1.90% APY

lock in long-term earnings

The best account for checkings and savings

Easy to Love.

Online banking, now as simple as everything else you do on your phone.

easy access

Get access to cash on the go.

easy to use

Check on your account easily anytime.

easy deposit

Easily deposit a check into your account

Your money is protected.

We double-check your identity to confirm your activity is authorized.

Our latest encryption ensures your data remains private and secure.

We execute regular updates to prevent viruses and malicious software.

Inactive sessions are automatically logged out to prevent unauthorized use of your accounts.

All accounts are regularly monitored for potential fraud.

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